Are you looking for a convenient solution to fix your TPMS? We offer a wide range of tyre pressure sensors, programming tools and more.

The Specialized in original equipment replacement TPMS sensors and tyre pressure sensor programming tools. We sell all make and model TPMS sensors, allowing you to update your own vehicles.

We offer the best quality ‘original equipment replacement tyre pressure monitoring system sensors and tyre pressure sensor programming tools at a great price. We have a wide range of popular make and model TPMS sensors in stock and we can fit any make and model tyres.

Looking for a reliable source for original equipment replacement TPMS sensors? Look no further than Specialized Tyre Pressure Sensors. We have all make and model TPMS sensors in stock and can provide you with a wide range of services including programming your wheels with our software program.

We supply original equipment replacement TPMS sensors, tyre pressure sensor programming tools and pattern identification software along with advanced diagnostic tools and sensors for automotive manufacturers, fleet managers and tire shops.

We sell all make and model TPMS sensors, including original equipment replacement sensors for many vehicles. Our TPMS programming tool makes it easy for you to program your aftermarket sensors.

Car tyre pressure sensors are often used to monitor the air pressure of tyres. They are a cost-effective, low maintenance and reliable solution for detecting changes in tyre pressure in a fleet or garage environment. These TPMS systems are ideal for monitoring passenger car fleets and commercial vehicles. Our TPMS sensors have been fully tested and certified by major vehicle manufacturers.


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