AUTEL Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) Ferrari 812 Superfast 01/2016-12/2020


TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) Ferrari 812 Superfast 01/2016-12/2020

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812 Superfast

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AUTEL Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS)


Made in EEC with 100% Quality Control to match the Original Equipment

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Best Quality for Low Price Assurance - Better than other listed on other market places


The Sensor you are purchasing is compatible with the following vehicle. If you need to purchase multiple sensors. Please buy more than one from checkout page. TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) Ferrari 812 Superfast 01/2016-12/2020

Fully Pre-Programmed TPMS Sensors – FIT AND FORGET…


Order your TPMS Sensors – Our listings are pre-defined into Make, Model and Year. Once your order has been received, we then carefully, individually and uniquely pre-programme your TPMS sensors. This is not an “off the shelf” operation. Each sensor is pre-programmed and set-up specifically for your vehicle. We’ve spent serious time, development and investment with this step to make it simple and straightforward for you.


Fit your new TPMS Sensors – Any experienced Tyre Fitter will be able to carry out this service for you. There’s nothing else that you need to do, the sensors will arrive READY TO FIT. We’ve taken the stress out of this and completed the technical coding of the sensors for you.


DO NOT ALLOW YOUR TYRE FITTER TO ATTEMPT TO RE-CODE! Just drive your vehicle – To complete the operation, all that is needed is to drive the vehicle. Yes! It really is that easy! On average it takes around 15 minutes on a steady drive to allow the new pre-programmed sensors to communicate back to the vehicle’s systems. Voila! Your TPMS warning light will now be extinguished. Easy Peasy! Obviously there’s a lot more to it, but it all happens behind the scenes when the vehicle is in motion. We are more than happy to go through the finer details but it’s rather long-winded!"

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